Naval Air Warfare Center - Weapons Division (NAWCWPNS), China Lake, CA Glossary of Weapons Terms
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Term Description

1-v-1 One versus One (engagement)
3M Maintenance Material Management
A/A Air-to-Air
A/C Aircraft
A/G Air-to-Ground
A/S Air-to-Surface
AAA Antiaircraft Artillery (generic)
AAAM YAIM-152 Advanced Air-to-Air Missile (long range Phoenix replacement; cancelled)
AAED Advanced Airborne Expendable Decoy
AAICV Amphibious Armored Infantry Combat Vehicle
AAM Air-to-Air Missile (generic)
AARGM Advanced Anti-radiation Guided Missile (concept)
AASTI Advanced Air-to-Surface Technology Integration
AAW Advanced Attack Weapon (mmw-guided Maverick)
AAW Anti-Air Warfare (generic)
AAWS-H Advanced Antitank Weapon System - Heavy
AAWS-M Advanced Antitank Weapon System - Medium
AAWWS Airborne Adverse Weather Weapon System
ABF Advanced Bomb Family; see JDAM
ABL Armored Box Launcher (for Tomahawk)
ABL Armored Box Launcher (Tomahawk)
ABM Anti-Ballistic Missile (generic)
ABRES Advanced Ballistic Reentry System
ACA Associate Contractor Agreement
ACCM Advanced Conventional Cruise Missile; see LRCSW
acft. Aircraft
ACI Air-Controlled Intercept (generic)
ACM AGM-129 Advanced Cruise Missile (nuclear)
ACM Air Combat Maneuvering (generic)
ACMI Air Combat Maneuvering Instrumentation
ACMR Air Combat Maneuvering Range
ACO Airspace Coordination Order
acq Acquisition
ACW Advanced Cluster Weapon (not yet defined)
ACW Anti-Carrier Warfare
ACWP Actual Cost of Work Performed
AD Armament Division (Eglin AFB); old term; see MSD
AD Advanced Development program phase (generic)
AD Air Defense
ADA Air Defense Artillery
AdARM Advanced ARM (not yet defined)
ADCAP Advanced Capability (torpedo)
ADCC Air Defense Command Center (generic)
ADIZ Air Defense Identification Zone
ADL AN/AWW-13 Advanced Data Link
Adm. Advanced Development Model
ADM-... Air-launched decoy - ...
Adm. Acquisition Decision Memorandum
ADM-141 TALD (unpowered decoy)
ADU Air Defense Unit
ADVCAP Advanced Capability
ADWOC Air Defense Weapons Operations Center
ADZ Air Defense Zone
AEW Airborne Early Warning (generic)
AFATL Air Force Armament Test Laboratory, Eglin AFB
AFB Air Force Base (generic)
AFD Arm-Fire device (generic)
AFDS Autonomous Freeflight Dispenser System (USAF CI-class wpn based on German DWS)
AFMSS Air Force Mission Support System (similar to Navy TAMPS)
AFOTEC Air Force Operational Test & Evaluation Center
AFTI Advanced Fighter Technology Integration
AFV Armored Fighting Vehicle (generic)
AFX Next generation strike aircraft (TBD)
AGB Autonomous Guided Bomb
AGC Automatic Gain Control
AGCW Autonomous Guidance for Conventional Weapons
Agile AIM-95 AAM (cancelled)
AGL Above Ground Level (generic)
AGL Above Ground Level
AGM-... Air-to-Ground Missile (generic)
AGM- 12 Bullpup missile (obsolete)
AGM- 45 Shrike ARM
AGM- 53 Condor missile (never produced)
AGM- 62 Original designation for Walleye; nomenclature not in wide use
AGM- 65A, B Maverick, TV-guided (USAF)
AGM- 65C Maverick, Laser-guided (USAF version; cancelled)
AGM- 65D Maverick, IR-guided (USAF)
AGM- 65E Maverick, Laser-guided (USMC CAS weapon)
AGM- 65F Maverick, IR-guided (USN)
AGM- 65G Maverick, IR-guided (USAF)
AGM- 69 SRAM (nuclear)
AGM- 78 Standard ARM (out of service)
AGM- 83 Bulldog laser-guided ASM (never produced)
AGM- 84A-D Harpoon anti-ship missile, air launch (also RGM-, UGM-84)
AGM- 84E SLAM; land attack variant of Harpoon
AGM- 86A-B ALCM (nuclear)
AGM- 86C Conventional ALCM (non-nuclear warhead)
AGM-109 Air-launched Tomahawk, a.k.a. MRASM (cancelled)
AGM-114 Hellfire helicopter-launched missile
AGM-119 Penguin (Mk 2 Mod 7) air-/helo-launched anti-ship missile
AGM-122 SideARM short-range ARM
AGM-123 Skipper II (boosted LGB); no longer in service
AGM-129 Advanced Cruise Missile (nuclear)
AGM-130 Powered GBU-15
AGM-131 SRAM II (nuclear)
AGM-136 Tacit Rainbow loitering ARM/lethal decoy (cancelled)
AGM-137 Tri-Service Standoff Attack Missile (TSSAM) (cancelled)
AGM-142 Have Nap EO-guided standoff weapon (Israeli design)
AGM-154 Joint Standoff Weapon (JSOW)
AGM-154A BLU-97/B (CEB) dispenser variant of JSOW
AGM-154B BLU-108/B (SFW) dispenser variant of JSOW
AGM-154C BLU-111 / Mk 82 (Unitary warhead) variant of JSOW (with seeker, data link)
AGW Autonomous Guided Weapon
AHWS Advanced Helicopter Weapon System (see also JAWS)
AI Artificial Intelligence (generic)
AI Airborne Intercept (radar)
AIM-... Air Intercept Missile (generic)
AIM- 4 Falcon (obsolete)
AIM- 54 Phoenix
AIM- 7 Sparrow
AIM- 9 Sidewinder
AIM- 95 Agile (cancelled)
AIM- 97 Seek Bat variant of Standard ARM
AIM-152 AAAM (cancelled)
AIR Air Inflatable Retarder (generic)
AIR- 2 Genie AAM (nuclear)
Airhawk Modified Tomahawk, responding to UK requirement for air-launched CASOM (185" long)
AIWS Advanced Interdiction Weapon System; replaced by JSOW
AJ Anti-Jam
ALCM AGM-86 Air Launched Cruise Missile
ALE Airborne Chaff Dispenser
ALQ Airborne ECM Jammer
ALR Airborne ESM Receiver
ALSS Air-Launched Saturation (or Suppression) System (decoy/ARM concept)
ALVRJ Air-Launched Low Volume RamJet (technology demo)
AMRAAM AIM-120 Advanced Medium Range Air-to-Air Missile
AMS Anti-Materiel Submissile (USAF)
AMTI Advanced Missile Technology Integration
AMW Amphibious Warfare
AN/AWW- 7 Walleye data link pod
AN/AWW- 9 Walleye data link pod
AN/AWW-12 Walleye data link pod
AN/AWW-13 Advanced Data Link (ADL) pod
AN/AXQ-14 USAF Improved Data Link (IDL) pod (old designation)
AN/ZSW-1 USAF Improved Data Link (IDL) pod
ANN Artificial Neural Network(s) (generic)
AO Area of Operation
AOA Angle of Attack (alpha)
AOB Air Order of Battle
AOC Air Operations Center
AOR Area of Responsibility
AP Armor Piercing
AP (Alpha Papa) Strike Warfare Commander
APAM CBU-59 Anti-Personnel/Anti-Materiel cluster weapon
APBA Acquisition Program Baseline Agreement
APC Armored Personnel Carrier (generic)
API Armor Piercing / Incendiary (ammunition) (generic)
APN Airborne Navigation Receiver
APPS Analytical Photogrammetric Positioning System
APR Airborne Radar Warning and Homing Receiver
APS Afloat Planning System (for Tomahawk)
APTAAM Advanced Processor Technology for Air-to-Air Missiles
APW Advanced Penetrator Warhead; see I-800
AQ (Alpha Quebec) Command and Control Warfare Commander
AQM-... High Altitude, High Speed Target ...
AR (Alpha Romeo) Air Resource Element Coordinator
ARB Acquisition Review Board
ARBOC Airborne Rapid Blooming Chaff
ARG Amphibious Ready Group
ARH AntiRadiation Homing (generic)
ARM AntiRadiation Missile (generic)
ARS Advanced Rocket System (replacement for 2.75 & Zuni)
AS Alpha Sierra; antisurface warfare commander
ASALM Advanced Strategic Air-Launched Missile (cancelled)
ASARG Autonomous Synthetic Aperture Radar Guidance
ASARS Advanced Synthetic Aperture Radar System
ASAS All Source Analysis System
ASAT Anti-Satellite (generic)
ASCM AntiShip Cruise Missile (generic)
ASLCM Advanced Sea Launched Cruise Missile; see LRCSW
ASM Air-to-Surface Missile (generic)
ASMD AntiShip Missile Defense (generic)
ASOM Affordable Standoff Mission (USAF SOAD concept)
ASPJ Airborne Self-Protection Jammer
ASRAAM AIM-132 Advanced Short Range Air-to-Air Missile (UK; 192#, 6.5" diam., 114" long)
ASROC RUR-5 Antisubmarine Rocket
ASTAAM Advanced Seeker Technology Air-to-Air Missile
ASTI Air-to-Surface Technology Integration
ASTOVL Advanced Short TakeOff/Vertical Landing (aircraft concept)
ASuW AntiSurface Warfare (antiship) (generic)
ASW AntiSubmarine Warfare (generic)
ASWS Advanced Strike Weapon System; see SLAM & TSSAM
ATA A-12 Advanced Tactical Aircraft (cancelled)
ATACMS Army Tactical Missile System (uses MLRS launch vehicle)
ATARS Advanced Tactical Air Reconnaissance System
ATB B-2 Advanced Technology Bomber
ATC Automatic Target Cuing
ATD Advance Technology Demonstration
ATE Automated Test Equipment
ATF Advanced Technology Fighter (F-22)
ATGW Anti-Tank Guided Weapon (generic)
ATHS Automatic Target Handoff System
ATLAS Advanced Technology LADAR System
ATM Airborne Training Missile (generic)
ATO Air Tasking Order
ATS Advanced Tactical Support (aircraft)
ATSA Advanced Tactical Surveillance Aircraft (E-2 replacement; cancelled)
AUR All-Up-Round (generic)
AW Alpha Whiskey; Anti-Air Warfare Coordinator
AWACS E-3 Airborne Warning and Control System
AWPGM Adverse Weather Precision Guided Munition
AWW- xx see AN/AWW-xx
AX A-12 follow-on; old term ... see AFX
AX (Alpha Xray) Anti-Submarine Warfare Commander
Az Azimuth

B/N Bombardier/Navigator
B43 nuclear bomb
B53 nuclear bomb (strategic)
B57 nuclear bomb/depth charge
B61 nuclear bomb
B83 nuclear bomb (strategic)
B90 nuclear depth/strike bomb (replacement for B57)
BAA Broad Area Announcement
BAC Budget at Completion
BAI Battle Area Interdiction (generic)
BARCAP Barrier Combat Air Patrol
BAT Terminally-guided anti-armor submunition (mini-missile)
BCU Bomb Control Unit (for ABF)
BCWP Budgeted Cost of Work Performed (i.e., earned value)
BCWS Budgeted Cost of Work Scheduled (i.e., planned)
BDA Battle Damage Assessment (generic)
BDI Battle Damage Indication
BDR Battle Damage Repair
BDU-... Bomb, Dummy Unit ...
BDU- 8 B43 practice bomb
BDU-20 B57 practice bomb
BDU-33 25-lb practice bomb
BDU-38 B61 practice bomb
BDU-48 10-lb practice bomb (replacement for Mk 106)
BDU-53 B90 practice bomb
BE Basic (or Bombing) Encyclopedia
BF Blast-Fragmentation (generic)
BFI BattleField Interdiction (generic)
BFO Blinding Flash of the Obvious (US Army term)
BG Battle Group
BGM-... Multiple launch platform surface attack missile
BGM- 71 TOW missile
BGM-109 Tomahawk cruise missile family (see also A/R/UGM-109)
BHA Bomb Hit Assessment
BIA Bomb Impact Assessment (generic)
BIAS Bomb Impact Assessment System
Bigeye BLU-80 binary chemical weapon
BIT Built-In Test (generic)
BITE Built-In Test Equipment (generic)
BKEP BLU-106 Boosted Kinetic Energy Penetrator submunition
BLU-... Bomb, Live Unit (generic)
BLU- 31 800-lb class penetrator bomb
BLU- 52 Chemical bomb
BLU- 80 Bigeye binary chemical weapon
BLU- 82 USAF 15,000 lb slurry explosive weapon
BLU- 95 500-lb class FAE weapon
BLU- 96 2000-lb class FAE weapon
BLU- 97 Combined Effects Bomblet (CEB)
BLU-106 BKEP concrete penetration submunition
BLU-107 Durandal 500-lb penetrator bomb
BLU-108 SFW submunition
BLU-109 2000-lb class penetrator warhead (I-2000); item weighs 1950 lbs total
BLU-110 Mk 83 loaded with PBXN-109 (vs. H-6); item weighs 920 lbs total
BLU-111 Mk 82 loaded with PBXN-109 (vs. H-6); item weighs 480 lbs total
BLU-113 Special deep penetrator warhead for GBU-28 (4000 lb class)
BM/C3 Battle Management/Command, Control and Communications
BMD Ballistic Missile Defense
BMEWS Ballistic Missile Early Warning System
BOA Compressed-carriage Sidewinder tech demo
BOA Basic Ordering Agreement (contract)
BOC Bomb On Coordinates mode (generic)
BOGSAT Bunch Of Guys/Gals Sitting Around A Table (requirements generation technique)
BOTE Back Of The Envelope (analysis technique)
BQM-... Subsonic Target (recoverable) ...
BQM-145 see MR-UAV
BRAC Base Realignment And Closure
BRAC Base Realignment And Closure
BRIGAND Bi-static Radar Intelligence Generation And Display
Brimstone mmw seeker variant of AGM-114 Hellfire
BRU-... Bomb Rack (or Release) Unit ...
BSU-... Bomb Stabilization Unit ...
BSU-49 High/low drag stabilizer/retarder (AIR) for Mk 82
BSU-50 High/low drag stabilizer/retarder (AIR) for Mk 84
BSU-85 High/low drag stabilizer/retarder (AIR) for Mk 83
BSU-86 Metal retarder (not Snakeye) for Mk 82
BTG Basic Target Graphic
BTI Balanced Technology Initiative (generic)
Bulldog AGM-83 Laser-guided version of Bullpup; never produced
Bullpup AGM-12 command-guided missile (obsolete)
Bushwacker see HVM
BVR Beyond Visual Range (generic)
BW Biological Warfare
BY Budget Year

C Confidential (security term)
C.G. Center of Gravity
C-ALCM see AGM-86C
C/A Code Coarse/Acquisition Code (GPS term; see also P Code)
C/SCSC Cost/Schedule Control Systems Criteria
C2 Command and Control
C3 Command, Control and Communications (generic)
C3I Command, Control, Communications and Intelligence
C4 Command, Control, Communications and Computers
C5 Command, Control, Communications, Computers and Cunning
CAD Computer-Aided Drawing
CAE Computer-Aided Engineering
CAG Carrier Air Group
CALF (X-32) Common Affordable Lightweight Fighter (ARPA project)
CALOC Contingency and Limited Objective Conflict (generic)
CALOW Contingency and Limited Objective Warfare (generic)
CALS Computer-aided Acquisition and Logistics Support
CANX Cancelled
CAO Competency Aligned Organization
CAP Combat Air Patrol (generic)
CapTor CAPtive TORpedo (see Mk 60 mine)
CAS Close Air Support (generic)
CAS Calibrated AirSpeed
CASOM (U.K.) Conventionally Armed StandOff Missile (range > 200 nmi)
CASS Consolidated Automated Support System
Cat Catapult takeoff from aircraft carrier
CATFAE Catapult-launched FAE (for mine clearing)
CATM Captive Airborne Training Missile
CAVU Ceiling and Visibility Unlimited (generic)
CB Chemical / Biological
CBD Commerce Business Daily
CBR Chemical, Biological & Radiological (generic)
CBU-... Cluster Bomb Unit
CBU-55 Low-speed FAE weapon
CBU-59 APAM cluster weapon
CBU-72 High-speed FAE weapon
CBU-78 Gator mine dispenser (cluster weapon)
CBU-87 Combined Effects Munition (i.e., TMD + CEBs)
CBU-88 Smokeye smoke Munition
CBU-89 Gator mine dispenser (cluster weapon)
CBU-92 Extended Range Antiarmor Munition (ERAM)
CBU-97 SFW anti-armor dispenser weapon
CBW Chemical/Biological Weapons or Warfare
CCD Camouflage, Concealment and Deception
CCD Charge Coupled Device
CCIP Continuously Computed Impact Point
CCM Conventional Cruise Missile; see LRCSW
CCM Counter Countermeasures
CD Concept Definition program phase (generic)
Cdr. Critical Design Review
CDRL Contract Data Requirements List
CE Circular Error (generic)
CEB BLU-97 Combined Effects Bomblet
CEM CBU-87 Combined Effects Munition (CEBs in TMD dispenser)
CEP Circular Error Probable (or Circle of Equal Probability)
CFR Code of Federal Regulations
CG Cruiser
CGN Cruiser, nuclear powered
Chaparral MIM-72 SAM (variant of Sidewinder)
CI Close-In; very short range standoff regime (generic)
CIC Combat Information Center
CIFS Close-In Fire Support (i.e., helo-launched CAS)
CILOP Conversion In Lieu Of Procurement (generic)
CINC Commander(s) in Chief
CIP Coast-In Point (going "feet dry")
CISO Close-In Standoff (USAF term; oxymoron?)
CIWS Close-In Weapon System
CLO Counter Low Observable
CLOS Clear Line of Sight
CMBRE Common Munition Built-in-test Reprogrammable Equipment
CMMP Conventional Munitions Master Plan (formerly JSOWMP?)
CNI Communications/Navigation/Identification
CNWDI Critical Nuclear Weapons Design Information (security term)
COD Carrier Onboard Delivery (generic)
COEA Cost and Operational Effectiveness Analysis
COMPSEC Computer Security
COMSEC Communications Security
Condor AGM-53 missile; never produced
Condor Boeing HALE UAV
CONOPS Concept of Operations
CONREP Connected Replenishment at sea (generic)
CONUS Continental United States
COSRO Conical Scan Receiver Only
COTS Commercial Off-The-Shelf
CP Control Point
CPA Closest Point of Approach
CPAF Cost Plus Award Fee (contract type)
CPIF Cost Plus Incentive Fee (contract type)
CPR Critical Process Review
CRLCMP Computer Resource Life Cycle Management Plan
CRPA Controlled Reception Pattern Antenna (for GPS)
CSAR Combat Search and Rescue (generic)
CSE Common Support Equipment (generic)
CSW Conventional Strike Warfare (generic)
CTOL Conventional Takeoff and Landing (generic)
CV Aircraft Carrier (generic)
CVBF Carrier Battle Force (generic)
CVBG Carrier Battle Group (generic)
CVIC CV (aircraft carrier) Intelligence Center
CVN Aircraft Carrier, nuclear powered
CVW Carrier Air Wing
CVw Crypto Variable Weekly (GPS term)
CW Chemical Warfare
CW Continuous Wave
CWC Combined (or Composite) Warfare Commander
CWW Cruciform Wing Weapon; see GBU-15
CXU-... Charge Unit ...
CY Calendar Year (or current year)

D&V see DemVal
D/L Data Link
D2C3 Decoys, Deception, Camouflage, Concealment and Countermeasures
DA Direct Attack
DAACM CBU-98 Direct Airfield Attack Combined Munition
DAB Defense Acquisition Board
DAS Deep Air Support
DATM Dummy Airborne Training Missile
dB decibel (generic)
DBS Doppler Beam Sharpening
dBsm decibel with respect to 1 square meter (generic)
DC&T Detection, Classification and Targeting (generic)
DCA Defensive Counter Air
DD Destroyer
DDG Guided Missile Destroyer
DEAD Destruction of Enemy Air Defenses
DECM Deceptive Electronic Countermeasures
DEFPAT Defensive Patrol (see also BARCAP)
DemVal Demonstration & Validation program phase (generic)
DEW Distant Early Warning
DF Direction Finding
DGPS Differential GPS
DIW Dead In Water
DIWS Digital Imagery Workstation Suite
DLI Deck-Launched Interceptor (generic)
DLIR Downward Looking Infrared
DMA Defense Mapping Agency
DMMTS Dual Mode Mobile Targets Seeker
DMSP Defense Meteorological Satellite Program
DOA Direction of Arrival
DOC Desired Operational Capability
DoD Department of Defense (generic)
DOF Degrees of Freedom (e.g., 6DOF simulation)
DOP Development Options Paper; old term
DOP Dilution of Precision (GPS term)
DPG Defense Planning Guidance
DPPDB Digital Point Positioning DataBase
DPSK Digital Phase Shift Keying
DR Dead Reckoning (navigation)
DRAAM Dual Range Air-to-Air Missile (USAF)
DSB Defense Science Board
DSCS Defense Satellite Communications System
DSMAC Digital Scene Matching Area Correlation guidance mode
DSP Defense Satellite Program
DST Destructor (generic; land/sea mines); see Mk 36, 40, 41
DSU-... Detecting Device Unit ...
DSU Data Storage Unit
DT Development Test(ing)
DT&E Development Test & Evaluation
DTC Design-to Cost
DTD Data Transport (or Transfer) Device
DTED Digital Terrain Elevation Database
Durandal BLU-107 penetrator bomb (French design & mfr.)
DZ Drop Zone

E&MD Engineering & Manufacturing Development program phase (replaces FSD)
E3 Electromagnetic Environmental Effects (generic)
EAC Estimate at Completion
EAS Equivalent Airspeed (approximates Indicated Airspeed) (generic)
EC Electronic Combat
ECCM Electronic Counter-Countermeasures
ECM Electronic Countermeasures
ECP Engineering Change Proposal
EDGE Exploitation of Differential GPS for Guidance Enhancement
EDM Engineering Development Model
EEPROM Electronically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory
EI Effectiveness Index
El Elevation
ELF Extremely Low Frequency
ELINT Electronic Intelligence (generic)
ELO Extremely Low Observable (see also LO, VLO)
EMC Electromagnetic Compatibility (generic)
EMCON Emission Control (generic)
EME Electromagnetic Effects, or Environment (generic)
EMI Electromagnetic Interference (generic)
EMP Electromagnetic Pulse (generic)
EMV Electromagnetic Vulnerability (generic)
EO Electro-Optical (generic)
EO/IR Electro-optical/infrared
EOB Electronic Order of Battle
EOCM Electro-Optical Countermeasures
EOD Explosive Ordnance Disposal (generic)
ER Maverick Extended Range Maverick concept
ER Walleye Extended Range Walleye (includes data link)
ERAM CBU-92 Extended Range Antiarmor Munition
ERAM ECCM Requirements and Assessment Manual
ERASE Electromagnetic Radiation Source Elimination
ERDL Extended Range, Data Link (upgraded Walleye)
ERP Effective Radiated Power (generic)
ERU-... Ejector Rack Unit ...
ESA Electronic Scanned Array (generic)
ESAD Electronic Safe-Arm Device
ESM Electronic Support (or Surveillance) Measures
ETA Estimated Time of Arrival
EW Electronic Warfare (generic)
EW Early Warning (radar) (generic)
EX 62 Sea mine (Mk 82 warhead)
EX 63 Sea mine (Mk 83 warhead)
EX 64 Sea mine (Mk 84 warhead)
EX 65 Quickstrike sea mine
Excalibur Improved version of Tomahawk; see also LRCSW (cancelled)

FAADS Forward Area Air Defense System
FAAT First Article Acceptance Test
FAC Forward Air Controller (generic)
FAC-A Forward Air Controller - Airborne
FAD Forward Air Defense
FAE Fuel-Air Explosive (generic)
FAMMO Full ammo
FAR Federal Acquisition Regulations
FARRP Forward Area Rearming & Refueling Point
FBM Fleet Ballistic Missile
FC Fire Control
FCA Functional Configuration Audit
FEBA Forward Edge of the Battle Area (generic; see also FLOT)
FEWS Follow-On Early Warning System
FEZ Fighter Engagement Zone (generic)
FF Frigate
FFAR Folding-Fin Aircraft Rocket (generic)
FFDL Fighter-to-Fighter Data Link
FFG Guided Missile Frigate
FFP Firm Fixed Price (contract type)
FFSC Forward-Fired Shaped Charge (generic)
FIM-... Shoulder-fired SAM
FIM-92 Stinger shoulder-fired surface-to-air missile
Fireye Mk 77 (or Mk 122) napalm bomb
FIST Fleet Intelligence Support Terminal
FIUL Fleet Issue Unit Load
FLIR Forward Looking Infrared (generic)
FLOT Forward Line of Own Troops (generic; see also FEBA)
FME Foreign Materiel Exploitation
FMECA Failure Mode, Effects and Criticality Analysis
FMS Foreign Military Sales
FMU-... Fuze Munitions Unit ...
FOC Full Operational Capability
FOD Foreign Object Damage
FODL Fiber Optic Data Link (generic)
FOFA Follow-On Force Attack
FOG Fiber Optic Gyro, or Guided (generic)
FOG-M Fiber Optic Guided Missile
FOG-S Fiber Optic Guided Skipper (technology demonstrator)
FOPEN Foliage Penetration
FOR Field of Regard (generic)
FOUO For Official Use Only (security term)
FOV Field of View (generic)
FRACAS Failure Reporting, Analysis and Corrective Action System
FRD Formerly Restricted Data (security term)
FRP Full Rate Production (program phase)
FRPA Fixed Reception Pattern Antenna (for GPS)
FRSW Fast Reaction Standoff Weapon (hypersonic) (USAF)
FSD Full Scale Development program phase; replaced by E&MD
FSED Full Scale Engineering Development program phase; replaced by FSD
FWE Foreign Weapons Evaluation (generic)
FY Fiscal Year
FYDP Five Year Defense Program

G.W. Gross Weight
G-Day Day the Ground War Began
GAM-83 USAF designation for Bullpup
GAMS GPS-Aided Munitions
GASM "Generic Air-to-Surface Missile"
Gator Land mine dispenser weapon (CBU-78, -89)
GATS GPS-Aided Targeting System
GBU-... Guided Bomb Unit
GBU- 8 TV-guided glide bomb, a.k.a. HOBOS
GBU-10 Mk 84 LGB
GBU-12 Mk 82 LGB
GBU-15 Modular guided glide bomb family
GBU-16 Mk 83 LGB
GBU-20 Planar wing variant of GBU-15 (cancelled)
GBU-22 Low Level LGB (LLLGB), Mk 82 variant
GBU-24 Low Level LGB (LLLGB), Mk 84 or BLU-109 variant
GBU-27 2000-lb class LGB (BLU-109) configured for F-117A
GBU-28 4700-lb class very deep penetrator LGB (for F-111)
GBU-29 JDAM-1, built by Martin Marietta (may be either Mk 84 or BLU-109 warhead); cancelled
GBU-30 JDAM-1, built by Martin Marietta (Mk 83 warhead); cancelled
GBU-31 JDAM-1, built by McDonnell Douglas (may be either Mk 84 or BLU-109 warhead)
GBU-32 JDAM-1, built by McDonnell Douglas (Mk 83 warhead)
GCI Ground Controlled Intercept (generic)
GDOP Geometric Dilution of Precision (GPS term)
GEN-X Generic Expendable Decoy
Genie AIR-2 AAM (nuclear)
GFE Government Furnished Equipment (generic)
GFI Government Furnished Information (generic)
GFM Government Furnished Material (generic)
GHz Gigahertz
GLAT Government Lot Acceptance Test
GLCM Ground-Launched Cruise Missile (Tomahawk)
GMTI Ground Moving Target Indication
GMTT Ground Moving Target Track
GOB Ground Order of Battle
GOTS Government Off-The-Shelf
GP General Purpose
GP bombs General purpose bombs (e.g., Mk 80 series)
GPS Global Positioning System; a.k.a. NAVSTAR
GPU-... Gun Pod Unit ...
GPU-2 20mm aircraft gun pod
Grand SLAM CASOM candidate similar to SLAM-ER
Griffon 38 T.I./Short Bros. contender (turbojet-powered JSOW) for UK CASOM
Gryphon see GLCM
GW Mk x Guided Weapon Mk x (Walleye)

H-Hour Specific time (hour) at which operation commences
HALE High Altitude Long Endurance (UAV)
Hammerhead JDAP-PIP concept with SAR terminal guidance
HARM AGM-88 High Speed AntiRadiation Missile
Harpoon AGM-84 / RGM-84 / UGM-84 antiship missile family
Have .... USAF programs carrying Limited Distribution access controls
Have Dash Advanced air-to-air missile concept(s)
Have Flag Reported as "USAF long-range, high-speed air-to-surface missile" ??
Have Lite Lightweight (2500 lb class) variant of AGM-142 Have Nap
Have Mover SOCID-class air-to-surface weapon concept
Have Nap AGM-142 large standoff weapon; Israeli design
Have Point CI-class air-to-surface Munition concept
Have Rebound Bistatic radar concept for air-to-air guidance
Have Slick Conformal, supersonic dispenser technology demonstrator
Have Torch IR guidance concept for air-to-air missiles
Have Void BLU-109 (I-2000) penetrator bomb
Have Wedge Dual-mode (EO + ARH) guidance demonstration for Maverick
Hawk MIM-23 SAM
HE High Explosive(s) (generic)
HEAT High Explosive / AntiTank (generic)
HEI High Explosive / Incendiary (generic)
HEL High Energy Laser (generic)
Hellfire AGM-114 helicopter-launched weapon
HERO Hazards of Electromagnetic Radiation to Ordnance (generic)
HF High Frequency
HGV Hypersonic Guided Vehicle concept
HIC High Intensity Conflict
HLM High Leverage Munition (USAF)
HMMWV High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle ("Hummer")
HOB Height of Burst (generic)
HOBOS GBU-8 HOming BOmb System
HOJ Home on Jam (generic)
HOTAS Hands On Throttle And Stick
HPM High Power Microwave (generic)
HQ Headquarters
HTOP Hard Target Ordnance Program
HTW Hard Target Weapon
HUD Head-Up Display
HULTEC Hull to Emitter Correlation
HUMINT Human Intelligence
HVM HyperVelocity Missile (anti-armor)
HVU High Value Unit
HVUCAP High Value Unit Combat Air Patrol (e.g., fighter escort for AEW or jammer)
HWIL Hardware In The Loop simulation mode (generic)
HWVT Hypervelocity Weapon Vehicle Technology
Hydra 70 Replacement for 2.75-inch (~70 mm) FFAR
Hz Hertz (formerly cycles per second) (generic)

I Intelligence
I- 800 Improved 800-lb class warhead (see also APW); item weighs 780 lbs total
I&W Indications and Warning (generic)
I-1000 Improved 1000-lb class bomb
I-2000 BLU-109 Improved 2000-lb class bomb
I-Hawk Improved Hawk SAM
I-Level Intermediate Level (i.e., between user and depot)
IADS Integrated Air Defense System (generic)
IAM Inertially Aided Munition (bomb guidance kit); now part of JDAM
IAS Indicated Airspeed (generic)
IAW In Accordance With
IBAT Improve BAT (submunition or mini-missile)
ICAD Intelligence Collection, Analysis and Dissemination
ICAP Improved Capability
ICBM Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (generic)
ICD Interface Control Document
ID Identification
IDAP Integrated Defensive Avionics Program (incl. towed decoy)
IDL USAF Improved Data Link (AN/ZSW-1; formerly AN/AXQ-14)
IFF Identification: Friend or Foe
IFFN Identification: Friend, Foe or Neutral
IFR Instrument Flight Rules (same as IMC) (generic)
IFR In-flight Refueling
IGM Inertial Guidance Module
IGTD Inertial Guidance Technology Demonstration (IAM demo)
IHE Insensitive High Explosive(s) (generic)
IIR Imaging InfraRed (generic)
IM Insensitive Munitions (generic)
IMC Instrument Meteorological Conditions (same as IFR) (generic)
IMER Improved Multiple Ejector Rack
IMINT Imagery Intelligence
IMN Indicated Mach Number (generic)
IMU Inertial Measurement Unit (generic)
INEWS Integrated Electronic Warfare System
INS Inertial Navigation System (generic)
Intel Intelligence
IOC Initial Operational Capability
IP Initial Point (generic)
IPS Integrated Planning Summary
IPT Integrated Product (or Program) Team
IR InfraRed (generic)
IRAD Independent Research And Development (generic)
IRASM "Intermediate Range ASM" (tech base concept)
IRBM Intermediate Range Ballistic Missile (generic)
IRCCM Infrared Counter Countermeasures
IRCM Infrared Countermeasures
IRHVTA InfraRed High Value Target Acquisition
IRIG Inter-Range Instrumentation Group
IRST InfraRed Search and Track (generic)
ISAR Inverse Synthetic Aperture Radar (generic)
ISAS Intelligent Shelter Attack Submunition
ISPS Integrated Strike Planning System
ISW Integrated Strike Warfare
ITALD Improved TALD concept (see TALD)
ITER Improved Triple Ejection Rack
ITL Intent to Launch
ITOW Improved TOW (see M65 and TOW)
IV&V Independent Validation & Verification
IW Information Warfare

J-1000 New 1000-lb class bomb for JAST
J/S Jammer-to-Signal power ratio (generic)
JAF Joint Attack Fighter (old term; see JAST)
JASMO Joint Air-to-Surface Munitions Office
JASMOC Joint Air-to-Surface Munitions Oversight Committee
JASSM Joint Air-to-Surface Standoff Missile (i.e., "son of TSSAM")
JAST Joint Advanced Strike Technology (aircraft); replaced by JSF
JAWS Joint Advanced Weapon System (replaces AHWS)
JDAM Joint Direct Attack Munition (see also GBU-29, -30, -31, -32)
JDAP Joint Direct Attack Program (USAF/USN close-in weapons)
JETS Joint Emitter Targeting System
JFACC Joint Forces Air Component Commander
JMCIS Joint Military Command Information System
JMEM Joint Munitions Effectiveness Manual
JMRASM Joint Medium Range Air-to-Surface Missile (see MRASM)
JORD Joint Operational Requirements Document
JOTS Joint Operational Tactical System
JPF FMU-152 Joint Programmable Fuze
JPI Joint Precision Interdiction
JROC Joint Requirements Oversight Council
JSAM Joint Standoff Attack Missile (a McDonnell-Douglas SLAM derivative concept)
JSASM Joint Standoff Air-to-Surface Missile (a.k.a., "Son of TSSAM")
JSEAD Joint Suppression of Enemy Air Defenses
JSF Joint Strike Fighter
JSF Joint Strike Fighter (formerly JAST)
JSIPS Joint Service Imagery Processing System
JSOR Joint Service Operational Requirement; old term ... see JORD
JSOW Joint StandOff Weapon; AGM-154 (formerly AIWS)
JSOWMP Joint Standoff Weapons Master Plan (replaced by CMMP?)
JSSA Joint Stealth Strike Aircraft
JSTARS Joint Surveillance and Target Attack Radar System
JSWMP Joint Standoff Weapons Master Plan
JT&E Joint T&E
JTCG Joint Technical Coordinating Group
JTCTS Joint Tactical Combat Training System
JTF Joint Task Force
JTIDS Joint Tactical Information Distribution System
JTTP Joint Tactics, Techniques and Procedures

KCAS Knots Calibrated Airspeed (generic)
KEPD-350 DASA/Bofors contender (DWS39 variant) for UK CASOM
KEW Kinetic Energy Weapon (for SDI)
KHZ Kilohertz
KIA Killed In Action
KIAS Knots Indicated Airspeed (generic)
KPP Key Performance Parameter (from a requirements document)
KTAS Knots True Airspeed (generic)
KTS Knots

LADAR Laser Radar (generic)
Lance MGM-52 SSM
LANDSAT Land Satellite (NASA/NOAA program)
LANTIRN USAF Low Altitude Navigation and Targeting Infrared System for Night
LAR Launch Acceptable Region (generic)
LASER Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation
Lat Latitude
LAU-... Launcher, Aircraft Unit ...
LAZ Launch Acceptable Region (USAF; see also LAR)
LBA Limit(s) of the Basic Aircraft (or Airframe)
LCC Life Cycle Cost (generic)
LCCW Low Cost Composite Weapons
LCS Low Cost Seeker (for AGM-88 HARM)
LCV Land Combat Vehicles (generic)
LDGP Low Drag General Purpose (bombs)
LE Linear Error (generic)
Lethal Decoy see AGM-136 Tacit Rainbow
LF Low Frequency
LFT&E Live Fire Test & Evaluation
LGB Laser Guided Bomb
LGM-... Strategic Ballistic Missile ...
LGM- 30 Minuteman III
LGM-118 Peacekeeper
LGTR Laser Guided Training Round (not a weapon)
LHD Amphibious Assault Ship
LHX Light Helicopter, Experimental
LIC Low Intensity Conflict
LimDis Limited Distribution (security term)
LIMFAC Limiting Factor
Limit ... USN programs carrying limited distribution access constraints (obsolete term)
LLLGB Low-Level Laser Guided Bomb (see GBU-22, -24)
LLLTV Low Light Level TV (generic)
LLOC Land Lines of Communication
LLSW Lethal Loitering Saturation Weapon (generic enhanced Tacit Rainbow concept)
LO Low Observable (generic)
LOAL Lock On After Launch (generic)
LOB Line of Bearing
LOBL Lock On Before Launch (generic)
LOC Lines of Communication
LOCATM Low Cost Advanced Technology Munition
LODIS Advanced stores dispenser (USAF)
LOG Logistics
LOGAIR Logistics Aircraft
Lon Longitude
Longhorn Extended range (turbojet powered), mmw seeker Maverick concept
Longshot Planar wing and INS/GPS guidance kit for TMD (USAF)
LORO Lobe On Receive Only
LOS Line of Sight
LPD Amphibious Assault Transport Dock
LPI Low Probability of Intercept (generic)
LRAACA Long Range Air ASW Capability Aircraft
LRASM "Long-Range ASM" (tech base concept)
LRCCM Long Range Conventional Cruise Missile (see LRCSW)
LRCSW Long-Range Conventional Standoff Weapon (cancelled)
LRIP Low Rate Initial Production program phase (generic)
LRU Line Replaceable Unit
LSA Logistics Support Analysis
LSC Linear Shaped Charge (generic)
LST Laser Spot Tracker (generic)
LUU-... Illumination Unit (flare) ...
LWIR Long Wave IR (generic)
LZ Landing Zone

M Mach number
Ám Micrometer ("micron") (generic)
M 65 TOW / ITOW missile system
M-v-N Many versus Many (mission-level engagement)
M117 750-lb class GP bomb
M118 3000-lb class GP bomb
M129 750-lb leaflet "bomb"
MAD Magnetic Anomaly Detection
MAD Mutually Assured Destruction
MADAM Multimode Air Defense Attack Missile (concept)
MAE(F) Mean Area of Effects (fragmentation)
MAG Marine Air Group
MAGR Miniaturized Airborne GPS Receiver
MAGTF Marine Air-Ground Task Force
MAK-... Miscellaneous Armament Kit
MALD Miniature Air Launched Decoy (USAF)
MANPADS Man-Portable Air Defense System (i.e., shoulder-fired SAM)
MANTECH Manufacturing Technology
MAPA Magazine Arrangement Planning Analysis (or Aid)
MARV Maneuvering Reentry Vehicle (generic)
MASINT Measurement and Signature Intelligence
MAT Medium Attack
MAU-... Miscellaneous Armament Unit ...
MAU Marine Amphibious Unit
Maverick AGM-65 air-to-surface missile family
MAWTS Marine Aviation Weapons & Tactics Squadron
MBR Multiple Bomb Rack
MC&G Mapping, Charting & Geodesy
MCAS Marine Corps Air Station (generic)
MCDEC Marine Corps Development & Education Command
MCM Mine Countermeasures
MEB Marine Expeditionary Brigade
MEF Marine Expeditionary Force
MER Multiple Ejector Rack
METOC Meteorology / Oceanography
MEU Marine Expeditionary Unit
MEZ Missile Engagement Zone (i.e., SAMs) (generic)
MFHBF Mean Flight Hours Between Failure (generic)
MFHBF Mean Flight Hours Between Failure
MGM-... Mobile Guided Missile
MGM-31 Pershing SSM
MGM-52 Lance SSM
MGU Missile Guidance Unit
MHIP Missile Homing Improvement Program (dual-mode seeker)
MHz Megahertz (generic)
MIA Missing In Action
MIC Medium Intensity Conflict
MICV Mechanized Infantry Combat Vehicle
MIDS Multiplatform Information Distribution System
MIF Maritime Interdiction Force
MiGCAP Counter-Fighter Combat Air Patrol
MIIS Modular Imaging Interpretation System
MIL-... Military (as in MIL-x-xxxx to designate a military specification or standard)
MILCON Military Construction
MILSATCOM Military Satellite Communications
MILSTAR Military Strategic and Tactical Relay System
MIM-... Mobile Intercept Missile (SAM)
MIM- 23 Hawk SAM
MIM- 72 Chaparral SAM (variant of Sidewinder)
MIM-104 Patriot SAM
MIO Maritime Intercept Operations
MIRV Multiple Independent Reentry Vehicles (generic)
MIS Management Information System
MITL Man-In-The-Loop (generic)
MIW Mine Warfare
Mk Mark (generic)
Mk 1 Guided Wpn. Walleye I
Mk 20 Rockeye cluster weapon
Mk 21 Guided Wpn. ER Walleye I
Mk 23 Guided Wpn. ER Walleye II
Mk 36 DST Mk 82 destructor (mine)
Mk 4 20mm aircraft gun pod
Mk 40 DST Mk 83 destructor (mine)
Mk 41 DST Mk 84 destructor (mine)
Mk 44 Torpedo, air drop (obsolete)
Mk 46 Torpedo, air drop
Mk 5 Guided Wpn. Walleye II
Mk 50 Torpedo, air drop
Mk 55 Sea mine
Mk 56 Sea mine
Mk 58 13-lb marine marker
Mk 58 Walleye I warhead (LSC type; item weighs 825 lbs total)
Mk 60 Sea mine (CapTor)
Mk 76 25-lb practice bomb
Mk 77 Fireye napalm bomb
Mk 81 250-lb class GP bomb
Mk 82 500-lb class GP bomb
Mk 83 1000-lb class GP bomb
Mk 84 2000-lb class GP bomb (warhead alone weighs 1920 lbs)
Mk 94 500-lb chemical bomb
Mk-106 5-lb practice bomb
Mk-116 Weteye chemical bomb
Mk-122 Fireye napalm bomb (see also Mk 77)
MLRS Multiple Launch Rocket System
MLV Memory Loader Verifier
mmw Millimeter wave (generic)
MNS Mission Need Statement
MOAT Missile-Onboard-Aircraft Test
MOBAD Missile Operating Beyond Air Defenses (USAF SOAD concept)
MODLOC Modified Location
MOE Measure of Effectiveness
MOMS Map, Operator, and Maintenance Station (USMC)
MOO Measure of Outcome (campaign level)
MOP Measure of Performance
MOU Memorandum of Understanding
MQM-8 "Vandal" target drone (converted Talos SAM)
MR-UAV BQM-145 Medium Range UAV
MRASM AGM-109 Medium Range Air-to-Surface Missile (cancelled)
MRBM Medium Range Ballistic Missile (generic)
MRT Minimum Resolvable Temperature (for IR sensors)
MS Milestone (sometimes written M/S)
MSD Munition Systems Division, Eglin AFB
MSER Multiple Store Ejector Rack
MSL (above) Mean Sea Level (generic)
msl. Missile (generic)
MSL Mean Sea Level
Msn Mission
MSOW Modular StandOff Weapon (joint USAF/NATO; cancelled)
MTBF Mean Time Between Failure (generic)
MTI Moving Target Indicator
MTTBO Mean Time to Breakout
MTTR Mean Time To Repair (generic)
MULE Modular Universal Laser Equipment (manpack laser designator)
MVFR Marginal VFR (same as MVMC) (generic)
MVMC Marginal VMC (same as MVFR) (generic)
MW Mine Warfare (generic)
MWR Missile Warning Receiver
MXU-... Miscellaneous Unit ...

NAEW Naval Airborne Early Warning (generic)
NALC Navy Ammunition Logistic Code
NAMPS Night Attack Mission Planning System
NAS Naval Air Station (generic)
NASP National Aerospace Plane
NATF Navy Advanced Technology (or Tactical) Fighter (cancelled)
NATOPS Naval Air Training & Operating Procedures Standardization
Nav Navigation
NAVSTAR Navigation Satellite, Timing and Ranging (see GPS)
NAWC Naval Air Warfare Center
NAWS Naval Air Weapons Station
NBC Nuclear, Biological & Chemical (generic)
NCA National Command Authority
NCAA Non-Nuclear Consumables Annual Analysis
NCEA Non-Combat Expenditure Allowance
NCTR Non-Cooperative Target Recognition
NDI Non-Development Item (i.e., existing hardware) (generic)
NDSB B90 Nuclear Depth / Strike Bomb
NEDT Noise Equivalent Delta Temperature (for IR sensors)
NGDL Next Generation Data Link (to be determined)
NGFS Naval Gunfire Support
nmi Nautical Miles (generic)
NNOR Non-Nuclear Ordnance Requirements
NOCONTR No Contractor access (security term)
NOFORN No Foreign access (security term)
NRT Near Real-Time
NSR NATO Staff Requirement
NSW Naval Special Warfare
NTDS Navy Tactical Data System
NTM National Technical Means
Nuc Nuclear (generic)
NVG Night Vision Goggles

O&M Operations & Maintenance
O&S Operations & Support
O-Level Operational Level (i.e., user level)
OAB Outer Air Battle (generic)
OADR Originating Agency Determination Required (security term)
OAS Offensive Air Support
OB Order of Battle
OBE Overtaken By Events
OCA Offensive Counter Air
ODZ Outer Defense Zone
OFP Operational Flight Program (aircraft software)
OOA Out of Area
OOB Order of Battle
OPCON Operational Control
OPDEC Operational Deception
OPINTEL Operational Intelligence
OPLAN Operational Plan
OPORD Operational Order
OPSEC Operations Security (generic)
OR Operational Requirement; old term ... see ORD
Orca JDAM-PIP concept with mmw terminal guidance
ORCON Originator Control (security term)
ORD Operational Requirements Document
OS Ocean Surveillance
OT Operational Test(ing)
OT&E Operational Test & Evaluation
OTC Officer in Tactical Command
OTH Over The Horizon
OTH-T Over The Horizon Targeting
OTHB Over the Horizon Backscatter (radar)
Outlaw .... USN programs carrying Limited Distribution access constraints; old term; see Limit ...
OZ Offensive Zone

P Code Precision Code (GPS term; see also C/A Code)
P(y) Code See P Code
P&D Production & Deployment (program phase)
P-JSOW Turbojet-powered JSOW concept, responding to U.K. CASOM requirement
P3I Pre-Planned Product Improvement (generic)
Pacq Probability of Acquisition (generic)
PAD Positive Arming Device
Patriot MIM-104 SAM
Paveway see GBU-10, 12, -16 (Paveway II) LGBs and GBU-22, -24 (Paveway III) LLLGBs
PAWWS Precision Adverse Weather Weapon System
PB Penetrating-Blast (generic)
PBF Penetrating-Blast-Fragmentation (generic)
PD Project Definition (program phase)
Pd Probability of Detection
Pd Probability of Damage, or Destruction (see also Pk)
PDP Production Data Package
PDR Preliminary Design Review
Pegasus GEC/Marconi contender for UK CASOM
PEMP Program Engineering Management Plan
Pershing MGM-31 SSM
PEST Practical Explosive Systems Trainer (for EOD)
PFRT Pre-Flight Rating Test(s) (for propulsion systems)
PGM Precision Guided Munition(s) (generic)
Phoenix AIM-54 long range AAM
PI/DE Passive Identification/Detection
PIM Position of Intended Movement
PIP Product Improvement Program (generic)
PIRAZ Positive Identification Radar Advisory Zone
Pixel Picture element (generic)
Pk Probability of Kill (generic)
PLAID Precision Location And IDentification (of emitters)
PLGR Precision Lightweight GPS Receiver
PLRS Position, Location and Reporting System
PLSS Precision Location Strike System
PMBR Practice Multiple Bomb Rack
PMD Program Management Directive
POET Primed Oscillator Expendable Transmitter
POL Petroleum, oil and lubricants (generic)
POM Program Objective Memorandum (DoD)
Popeye Original (Israeli) designation for AGM-142 Have Nap
Popeye Turbo Rafael contender (turbojet-powered AGM-142) for UK CASOM
POS Piece of (sugar?)
PPBS Planning, Programming & Budgeting System
PPDB Point Positioning Data Base
PRAT Production Reliability Acceptance Test
PRDA Program Research and Development Agreement
PRF Pulse Repetition Frequency
PRI Pulse Repetition Interval
PRM Production-Representative Models
PRR Production Readiness Review
Ps Probability of Survival , or Success (generic)
PSE Peculiar Support Equipment (generic)
PTG Precision Terminal Guidance (generic)
PUP Pull Up Point
PW Pulse Width
PWW Planar Wing Weapon; see GBU-20

QFD Quality Functional Deployment
QRC Quick Reaction Capability
Quickstrike EX 65 sea mine, or strike variant of F-14

R Reliability (generic)
R&D Research & Development
R&M Reliability & Maintainability (generic)
RABFAC Radar Beacon Forward Air Controller
RAC Radar Area Correlation guidance mode
RAD Requirements Analysis Document
RAM RIM-116 Rolling Airframe Missile (SAM)
RAM Radar Absorbent Material (generic)
RAM Reliability, Availability and Maintainability (generic)
Raptor AGM-142 (formerly "Have Nap") (USAF)
RAS Radar Absorbing Structure (generic)
RASER Research Radar and Seeker Emulator
RAWS Radar Attack Warning System
RBL Range and Bearing Launch
RCS Radar Cross Section (generic)
RDF Radio Direction Finding
RDT&E Research, Development, Test & Evaluation
REC Radio Electronic Combat
Recce Reconnaissance
Recon Reconnaissance
R Redeye Early shoulder-fired SAM (being replaced by Stinger)
Remora BDA concept(s) for strike weapons, using deployable "parasitic" devices (USAF)
RESCAP Rescue Combat Air Patrol
RESCORT Rescue Escort
REW Radio Electronic Warfare
RF Radio Frequency (generic)
RFI Ready for Issue (generic)
RFI Request for Information (generic)
RFP Request for Proposal (generic)
RGM-... Ship-launched SSM
RGM- 84 Ship-launched Harpoon antiship missile
RGM-109 Ship-launched Tomahawk SSM (see also BGM--109)
RHAW Radar Homing And Warning
RIC Reinforced Concrete
RIM-... Ship-launched Radar Intercept Missile (i.e., SAM)
RIM- 2 Terrier SAM (see Standard Missile)
RIM- 66 see Standard Missile
RIM- 67 see Standard Missile
RIM- 7 Sea Sparrow
RIM- 8 Talos SAM
RISTA Reconnaissance, Intelligence, Surveillance and Target Acquisition
RLG Ring Laser Gyro (generic)
RO/RO Roll On / Roll Off
Rockeye Mk 20 cluster weapon
ROE Rules of Engagement (generic)
ROR Range Only Radar
ROTHR Relocatable Over the Horizon Radar
RPV Remotely Piloted Vehicle (generic)
RSTA Reconnaissance, Surveillance and Target Acquisition
RTB Return to Base
RTF Return to Force
RTIC Real-Time Information in the Cockpit
RTV Recoverable Test Vehicle (T&E tool; not a weapon)
RUR-5 ASROC ASW weapon
RV Reentry Vehicle (generic)
RWR Radar Warning Receiver (generic)

S Secret (security term)
S.A. Situational Awareness (generic)
S&R Suspension and Release
S&T Science & Technology
S-A Safe-Arm device (generic)
S/N Signal-to-Noise power ratio, or Serial Number (generic)
SA Selective Availability (GPS term)
SABMOBILE SOPD-class concept, based on Have Slick
SAC Strategic Air Command
SADARM Seek And Destroy ARMor (submunition)
SAF Strategic Air Forces
SAF Safe-Arm/Fire device (generic)
SAG Surface Action Group (surface combatants; generic)
SAL Semi-Active Laser guidance (generic)
SAM Surface-to-Air Missile (generic)
Samson non-lethal decoy; originally used by Israel (U.S.-built); see TALD
SAR Synthetic Aperture Radar (generic)
SAR Search and Rescue (generic)
SAR Special Access Required (security term)
SASS Selected Aircraft Service Stores (i.e., nuclear weapons)
SATCOM Satellite Communications
SAV Strike Attack Vector(s)
SAWIC Strike and Air Warfare Intelligence Compendium
SC-21 21st Century Surface Combatant ("arsenal ship")
SCIF Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility
SDI Strategic Defense Initiative
SEAD Suppression of Enemy Air Defenses (generic)
SEAL Sea-Air-Land (special forces)
Seek .... USAF programs carrying Limited Distribution access constraints
Seek Bang Walleye with nuclear warhead (out of service)
Seek Bat XAIM-97 variant of Standard ARM; not produced
Seek Eagle F-15 weapons integration program
SEW Space and Electronic Warfare
SFF Self-Forging Fragment (generic)
SFW CBU-97 Sensor Fuzed Weapon, with BLU-108 "Skeet"s
Shadow See AIWS or JSOW
SHARK Silent Hard Kill (mission concept)
SHF Super High Frequency
SHOLS Single Hoist Ordnance Loading System
Shrike AGM-45 ARM
SideARM AGM-122 short-range ARM
Sidewinder AIM-9 air-to-air missile
SIGINT Signals Intelligence (generic)
SIGSEC Signals Security
SINCGARS Single Channel Ground and Airborne Radio System
SINS Ship's Inertial Navigation System
SIOP Single Integrated Operational Plan
SIST Serviceable In-Service Time
SITREP Situation Report
Skeet BLU-108 submunition; part of SFW
Skipper I Unpowered Skipper LGB (never produced)
Skipper II AGM-123 boosted LGB; no longer in service
SLAM AGM-84E Standoff Land Attack Missile (a Harpoon variant)
SLAM-ER AGM-84H Standoff Land Attack Missile - Expanded Response
SLASH SAR Land And Sea Homing (seeker)
SLAT AQM-127A Supersonic Low Altitude Target
SLBM Sea-Launched Ballistic Missile (generic)
SLCM Sea Launched Cruise Missile (Tomahawk)
SLEP Service Life Extension Program (generic)
SLI Strip Launch Interceptor (generic)
SLMM Submarine Launched Mobile Mine
SLOC Sea line of communication/commerce (generic)
SM Standard Missile (SM-1, SM-2; also RIM-66, RIM-67)
SMAC Scene Matching Area Correlation guidance mode
SMART Slot-ring Mixer Array Receiver Technology
Smokeye CBU-88 smoke Munition
Snakeye Retarded Mk 82 bomb
SNTK Special Need To Know; replaced by LimDis (security term)
SOA Speed of Advance
SOAD Standoff Outside Area Defenses; long range (generic)
SOCID Standoff Outside Close-In Defenses (generic)
SOJ Standoff Jammer
SON Statement of Need
SOPD Standoff Outside Point Defenses (generic)
SORD System Operational Requirements Document
SOTD Standoff Outside Theatre Defenses (very long range) (generic)
SOW Statement of Work
SPA Self Propelled Artillery
Sparrow AIM-7 air-to-air missile
SPD System Performance Document
SPDI Special Discriminant
SPEAR Strike Projection, Evaluation and Anti-Air Research (part of ONI)
Spec Specification
SPECAT Special Category
SPECINT Speculation Intelligence (generic)
SRAM AGM-69 Short Range Attack Missile (nuclear)
SRAM II AGM-131; replacement for SRAM (nuclear)
SRAM-T Tactical SRAM (nuclear)
SRASM "Short-Range ASM" (tech base concept)
SRR System Requirements Review
SSA Source Selection Authority
SSA Special Support Activity
SSB Ballistic Missile Submarine
SSB Small Smart Bomb (for JAST?) (USAF)
SSBN Ballistic Missile Submarine, nuclear powered
SSEB Source Selection Evaluation Board
SSG Guided Missile Attack Submarine
SSGN Guided Missile Attack Submarine, nuclear powered
SSM Surface-to-Surface Missile (generic)
SSN Attack Submarine, nuclear powered
SSPD Single Shot Probability of Damage
SSPK Single Shot Probability of Kill
SST Smart Submunition Technology
Sta. Station
STANAG Standardization Agreement (NATO)
Standard ARM AGM-78 ARM (Standard Missile variant; out of service)
Standard Missile SM-1, SM-2, RIM-66, RIM-67 missile family
STAR System Threat Assessment Report
STD Standard (as in MIL-STD-xxxx)
Std Msl see Standard Missile
Stinger FIM-92 shoulder-fired surface-to-air missile
STK Strike Warfare (generic) (see also STW)
STM Supersonic Tactical Missile (cancelled); see also ALVRJ
STOL Short Takeoff and Landing aircraft (generic)
STORM 12,000 lb pseudo-ballistic strike weapon, based on Pegasus 2nd stage (USAF)
Storm Shadow British Aerospace/Matra contender (Apache variant) for UK CASOM
STOVL Short Takeoff/Vertical Landing aircraft (generic)
STU-... Secure Telephone Unit - ... (e.g., STU-III)
STW Strike Warfare (generic) (see also STK)
SUAWACS Soviet Airborne Warning and Control System
Subroc UUM-44 Sub-to-Sub ASW weapon
SUCAP Surface Combat Air Patrol (i.e., antiship)
SUU-... Stores Suspension and Release Unit ...
SUU-11 7.62mm aircraft gun pod
SUU-23 20mm aircraft gun pod
SUU-25 Flare dispenser
SUU-40 Flare dispenser
SUU-44 Flare dispenser
SV Satellite Vehicle (generic, but used frequently in GPS discussions)
SW Softward
SWIP Systems/Weapons Improvement Program (A-6)
SYDP Six-Year Defense Plan (or Program)

T&E Test & Evaluation
TA Target Acquisition mode (generic)
TAAF Test, Analyze And Fix
TACAIR Tactical Air operations or aircraft (generic)
TACAWS The Army Combined Arms Weapon System
Tacit Rainbow AGM-136 loitering ARM / lethal decoy; cancelled
TACMS Tactical Missile System (uses MLRS launcher)
TACNUC Tactical Nuclear (weapon) (generic)
TACOPS Tactical Air Command Operations
TACPRO Tactical Procedure(s)
TACRON Tactical Squadron
TACTS Tactical Aircrew Combat Training System
TADIL Tactical Digital Information Link
TALD Tactical Air Launched Decoy (non-lethal)
Talos RIM-8 SAM
TAMPS Tactical Aircraft Mission Planning System
TARCAP Target Combat Air Patrol (i.e., fighter escort)
TARPS Tactical Air Reconnaissance Pod System (for F-14)
Tartar SAM (see Standard Missile)
TAS True Airspeed (generic)
TASM BGM-109 Tomahawk AntiShip Missile (sub-/ship-launched)
TBD To Be Determined
TBIP Tomahawk Baseline Improvement Program
TBM Tactical Ballistic Missile (generic)
TCP Timing Control Point
TDD Target Detection Device (generic)
TDE Total Delivery Error
TDI Target Data Inventory
TDMA Time Division Multiple Access
TDP Technical Data Package
TDS Tactical Data System
TEL Transporter-Erector-Launcher (generic)
TELAR Transporter-Erector-Launcher and Radar (generic)
TEMP Test & Evaluation Master Plan
TENCAP Technical Exploitation of National Capabilities
TERCOM Terrain Contour Matching guidance mode
Terrier RIM-2 SAM (see Standard Missile)
TESS Tactical Environment Support System
TGSM Terminally Guided Submunition (generic)
TIK Telemetry and Instrumentation Kit (incl. encryption as req'd)
TLAM BGM-109 Tomahawk Land Attack Missile
TLAR That Looks About Right (preliminary design technique)
TLE Target Location Error (generic)
TLM Telemetry (generic)
TLS Tactical LADAR Seeker
TLU Target Location Uncertainty
TM Telemetry (generic)
TMD USAF SUU-64 / SUU-65 Tactical Munitions Dispenser
TMMM Tomahawk Multi-Mission Missile (a.k.a., Block IV)
TMPS Theatre Mission Planning System (for Tomahawk)
TOA Time of Arrival
TOD Time of Day
TOF Time of Flight
TOJ Track on Jam
Tomahawk BGM-/RGM-/UGM-109 cruise missile family
TOO Target of Opportunity mode (generic)
TOPSCENE Tactical Operational Preview Scene
TOR Tentative Operational Requirement; old term
TOT Time Over Target (generic)
TOW BGM-71 Tube-launched Optically-tracked Wire-guided msl.
TP Thermally-Protected (bombs)
TPC Tactical Pilotage Chart
TPM Technical Performance Measures
TQL Total Quality Leadership
TQM Total Quality Management
TR see Tacit Rainbow, AGM-136
TRAM Target Recognition/Attack - Multisensor (A-6)
Trap Arrested landing on aircraft carrier
TRE Tactical Receive Equipment
TREE Transient Radiation Effects on Electronics
TRLG Tactical Ring Laser Gyro (generic)
TS Top Secret (security term)
TSCO Top Secret Control Officer
TSRAM Tactical SRAM (nuclear)
TSSAM AGM-137 Tri-Service Standoff Attack Missile (cancelled)
TSTAR Tomahawk Stops the Advancing Regiment (anti-armor variant of Tomahawk)
TT Target Track mode (generic)
TTCP The Technical Cooperation Program (international)
TTR Target Track Radar (generic)
TU Tango Uniform; i.e., dead
TV Television (generic)
TVC Thrust Vector Control (generic)
Twinhorn Similar to Longhorn, but using Swedish autonomous IR seeker
TWS Track While Scan (generic)
TWS Track While Scan
TY Then Year

U Unclassified (security term)
UARV Unmanned Air Reconnaissance Vehicle
UAV Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (generic)
UGM-... Submarine-launched SSM
UGM- 84 Submarine-launched Harpoon antiship missile
UGM-109 Sub-launched Tomahawk SSM (see also BGM-109)
UHF Ultrahigh Frequency
UHR Ultra High Resolution
ULQ Precision Measuring Device
Ulysses Joint US/Italian strike/antiship weapon effort
UNITREP Unit Report(ing)
Unk Unknown
UNREP Underway Replenishment at sea (generic)
USA United States Army or United States of America (generic)
USAF United States Air Force (generic)
USMC United States Marine Corps (generic)
USN United States Navy (generic)
UUM-44 Subroc
UUV Unmanned Underwater Vehicle

V&V Verification & Validation
VA Attack Squadron (VAH=heavy, VAM = medium, VAL = light)
VAQ Tactical Electronic Warfare Squadron (e.g., EA-6s)
VAW Early Warning Squadron (e.g., E-2s)
VERTREP Vertical Replenishment at sea (generic)
VF Fighter Squadron (e.g., F-14s)
VFA Strike Fighter Squadron (e.g., F/A-18s)
VFDR Variable Flow Ducted Rocket
VFR Visual Flight Rules (same as VMC) (generic)
VHF Very High Frequency
VID Visually Identify
VLA Vertical Launch ASROC
VLF Very Low Frequency
VLO Very Low Observable (generic)
VLS Vertical Launch System
VMC Visual Meteorological Conditions (same as VFR) (generic)
VP Patrol Squadron (e.g., P-3s)
VPK Visually-Pleasing Kill ("CNN quality")
VQ Electronic Surveillance Squadron (e.g., EP-3, ES-3)
VS Sea Control Squadron (e.g., S-3s)
VSTOL Vertical/Short Takeoff and Landing aircraft (generic)
VTOL Vertical Takeoff and Landing aircraft (generic)

W Watts (generic)
W33 nuclear warhead (8" artillery round)
W48 nuclear warhead (155mm artillery round)
W56 nuclear warhead (Minuteman 3)
W62 nuclear warhead (Minuteman 2)
W68 nuclear warhead (Poseidon C3)
W69 nuclear warhead (SRAM)
W70 nuclear warhead (Lance)
W76 nuclear warhead (Trident 1 C4)
W78 nuclear warhead (Minuteman 3)
W79 nuclear warhead, enhanced radiation (8" artillery round)
W80-0 nuclear warhead (Tomahawk TLAM-N)
W80-1 nuclear warhead (ALCM, ACM)
W87 nuclear warhead (MX)
W88 nuclear warhead (Trident 2 D5)
W89 nuclear warhead (SRAM II)
WAC World Aeronautical Chart
WACBE World Area Chart Basic (or Bombing) Encyclopedia
WAGE Wide Area Guidance Enhancement (INS/GPS) (USAF)
Walleye I 1100-lb class TV-guided glide weapon
Walleye II 2500-lb class TV-guided glide weapon
WAM Wide Area Mine
WARM War Reserve Mode (generic)
WAS War at Sea (antiship); see ASuW (generic)
WBS Work Breakdown Structure
WCMD Wind Corrected Munitions Dispenser
WCU-... Weapons Control Unit ...
WDL Weapon Data Link
WDT Weapon Data Terminal (i.e., data link)
WDU-18/B Harpoon (antiship) warhead; item weighs 490 lbs total
WDU-21/B HARM warhead
WDU-24/B Maverick warhead (AGM-65E/F/G); item weighs 300 lbs total
WDU-25/B Tomahawk (TLAM/TASM) warhead (upgraded large Bullpup B warhead)
WDU-32/B Penguin warhead (reworked small Bullpup A warhead); item weighs 250 lbs total
WDU-35/B Advanced Penetrator Warhead (APW, or I-800); item weighs 780 lbs total
WDU-36/B TLAM-C warhead (titanium case); item weighs 685 lbs total
WDU-37/B Improved HARM warhead
Weteye Mk 116 chemical bomb
WGS World Geodetic System (generic)
WIA Wounded In Action
WMD Weapons of Mass Destruction
WNINTEL Warning Notice: Intelligence Sources & Methods Involved (security term)
wpn. Weapon (generic)
WPU-... Weapons Propulsion Unit ...
WRL Weapon Release Line (generic)
WRM War Reserve Material
WSESRB Weapon System Explosives Safety Review Board
WX Weather

XIMER Expendable Intelligent Multiple Ejector Rack

Zuni 5-inch FFAR
ZZ Zulu Zulu; formation center


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