A Photographic History of  NAF & VX-5 at NOTS China Lake. Last updated 19 February, 2019
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Photos '42~'76
Photos '77~'17
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    This site is dedicated to the preservation and dissemination of the photographic history of all things related to Naval Aviation at China Lake, CA. Although my particular interest is NAF and VX-5 through 1976, photos, TINS tales, aircraft histories and/or patches from HEDRON 14, AODU 1, GMU-25, GMU-61, MCGMTU, MAD, NOTS Inyokern, NAF China Lake, VX-5, or their successor units NWC, NAWC, NAWCWD, NAWS, Dust Devils, VX-9, VX-31 etc. from any era are always welcome. Please drop me a line if you can date any of these photos or identify the BuNo, project, location etc.

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NOTS patch
01 Nov 1943 - 01 Jul 1967

NWC patch
01 Jul 1967 - 22 Jan 1992

NAWS patch
22 Jan 1992 -

NAWC patch

 NOTS Chronology Naval Weapons Center  NAWCWPNS  NAWCWD 
Naval Air Facility China Lake
10 May 1944 - 01 Dec 1976

01 Dec 1976-08 May 1995
Dust Devils patch
08 May 1995-01 May 2002
VX-31 patch 
01 May 2002-
NAF Chronology NWC Aircraft Department  NWTS  VX-31 Dust Devils 


 VX-5 Airtevron Five
July 1956-June 1993

June 1993-


 VX-5 Chronology VX-5 Vampires  VX-9 Vampires    

 MAD banner
11 Mar 1987-

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